Harry Potter & Moonshadow

Harry Potter & Moonshadow
I hadn’t heard much about the phenomenon ‘Harry Potter’, but with hours (even days) to kill sheltering from Caribbean rain [it comes down in buckets!!!], I asked Jules to bring me the ‘Philosophers Stone’ to read for myself what all the fuss was about…..I hardly ever read ‘fiction’ and have probably only ever read about 3 in my life – but ‘Harry Potter’ is fabulous, I’m hooked, I even constructed a bench seat on the bow so I could sit all day reading in a breeze, so easy does it go into my brain that is desires to come out chapter by chapter for guests before bed-time……..
Jules was due to visit again, so I asked her to bring two copies of ‘Chamber of Secrets’. Being a well know vociferous mouth in the ‘cruisers net’ I casually commented that I had a spare copy coming soon if anyone wanted one – I couldn’t even finish my announcement when a little girl interjected on channel 68 shouting “please can I have it, Please can I have it, can I, can I?” clicking on clicking off almost distorted down the blower…”I think that little girl wants it, Mike” says Patti who controls the net. When Jules arrived, we met the Captain and crew of ‘Moonshadow’ – two small girls and two wacky parents – all of whom were sailing the high seas for many years – the children learning by special correspondence course schooling.
What a life that must be for kids growing up and experiencing all that happens – both good and bad – aboard a fairly large schooner, just dropping the hook wherever the fancy takes you. How fantastic must it be to fearlessly climb the rigging and swing about the halyards up a 60ft mast.
Over a few months, we had many a brilliant evening, sounding the conch horn at dusk, making music with bamboo rattles, flutes and trumpets…I would have loved my childhood to have been as fortunate as that……..and still they are sailing – somewhere towards New Zealand.

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