Honesty..how is was and still should be

The Bahamas was once part of The British Empire, its influences abound everywhere in the islands. You’ve probably heard your Mum say about England “there was no such thing as crime in my day, we didn’t even lock doors”, well in the Bahamas – especially Abaco, The Exumas, Long Island – these idyllic tiny communities dotted on small islands are examples of how things should and used to be!! To sail around the 700 north Bahamas islands in a boat of any real value, to be able to get off and get on, leave stuff and move around freely is a dream of how life once was before greed, drugs and dishonesty took deep roots in our Metropolis cities. It would be impossible to really enjoy the islands if the people were not truly god-fearing and honest.
In five years of sailing, over 4 thousand miles, the ONLY place ‘Daze Off’ was ever needed to be LOCKED UP and the dinghy secured – was in Nassau [do some research]. In and around all the other islands sailors/cruisers could simply step into their unlocked dink, leave the boat totelly unlocked with all the hatches open and swan off to the nearest beach or island town, they could simply leave all their valuables (sometimes in full view to any passing boat) with the knowledge that nothing would be touched.
There was once an occasion in Green Turtle, when some forgetful cruiser had left some shopping bags of groceries, beer and wine, on the quayside in full view of other visiting boaters and the ferry. My boat was anchored in New Plymouth bay with a good view of the dock and ship quayside…all day, all night and into the next day – the bags were never touched or even moved back to the store for safekeeping, they were collected when the sailor realized half his shopping was missing…..Billy Connolly once said that the best place in the world was to be found in Green Turtle, Abaco.

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