Rescuing damsels in distress can kill you

The rescue of the kidnapped damsel…..
Late afternoon, Green Turtle, Abaco, Bahamas….enjoying sundowner drinks with Tom & Maureen on their boat __________ , laughing and joking we spot a dinghy pottering by, automatically we hoist our glasses to salute the pretty girls aboard, I shout to one -“I hope you can dance?” to which comes the reply “of course I can, pick me up at eight on the boat over there”….[my god – I’ve got a date!!!]. Quarter to eight, my enthusiasm abounds, I head for the boat anchored nearby… Just as I get about 6 feet away the girl shouts whilst SIMULTANEOUSLY LEAPING THE HUGE GAP down to my dinghy…”GO, GO, GO – he’s got a gun!!!!!” without hesitation I didn’t wait to see if any bullets were to follow – we are off…. as we speed away I notice a guy staggering up the companionway also shouting his head off…”I’ll kill her, I’ll kill her…..” but his voice is drowned out by the revving of my engine as we speed away….Having reached the shore and nearby dock of the Bluff House hotel, we join our English friends and climb the steep road to the bar, a discovery announced by tears and sobs reveals our damsel is injured?, blood is pouring from a head wound and her face is badly beaten??? “What on earth has happened?” we ask and the tale is told….
The bedraggled girl [Y] had agreed to sail with her new boyfriend [B] but found herself kidnapped aboard the boat they sailed for days before arriving in the confines of White Sound, Green Turtle. A chance meeting with another couple they had met allowed for an unchallenged release, the captor had become drunk whilst the damsel made her leap to freedom and now the words “GUN, BULLETS, FISTS, BLOOD” seem like a nightmare script from TV. “You can’t go back” I say “stay on my boat and I’ll get your things tomorrow”…..Much dancing, much music and too much booze, the evening ends and all four of us stagger back to the safety of are boats – agreeing to look out for each other till dawn comes….Now, alone with my rescued damsel, I promise to be a gentleman and let her sleep in comfort in the forward Captain cabin, she takes her clothes off revealing huge black and blue bruises… streams of tears again flood her face – we hug with not a thought of anything else, now totally wrecked we simply sleep…..
Next day, with intrepidation but fearless I approach the kidnappers boat, “B” I shout “don’t give me any grief – just give me Y’s belongings”…”I had already packed them early this morning, they are in these bin bags” he says. Loading them aboard, he quietly states “but she’s got the gun – I’ve got the bullets” which stuns me for a short time… I get back to ‘Daze Off’ and confront Y about this revelation…”I had to steal the gun and remove the bullets so he couldn’t shoot me” she sobs, again the ordeal is revisited…rooting inside a small handbag she had escaped with, she pulls out a large 9mm automatic. Now I have a problem bigger than anything I have ever experienced – ANYONE found in possession of firearms not declared on entry into the Bahamas faces a long jail sentence… as Captain – I should declare this fact immediately to the police but it will mean certain arrest of Y and also B and probably myself. I ask her to simply throw the gun overboard for all our sakes but she says she has to keep it “as B will come after her!!!!” Oooops, what have I got into???
My damsel agree’s to a pact which hides the gun and keeps me out of it….in the meantime the tide has risen a few times to allow B to steal out of the Sound without anyone noticing….The days pass by, the wounds and bruises heal and my damsel blossoms into a lovely girl. We discuss the whole affair with others (one of which had experience of ‘Wife Beating’) and we all say Y should simply forget B and put it down to experience. I suggest she stays just a few days longer before trying to get a flight back to the USA. One blisteringly hot day Y states she needs to go to the airport to secure a ticket B has paid for?? Seemingly, they have been in contact with each other and B has stumped up the cash [as is his legal obligation as Captain] for Y to get back home???….not believing anything into it – we talk about dancing again that evening and so we wave goodbye till about 5pm.
5pm comes and goes?? 6, 7, 8pm – and now I’m worried…. I call many boats, no one has seen her at all?? and a radio-wide search is launched using the services of ‘Blue Dolphin’. Phoning the police is a laid back task in itself and the experience turns out to be farcical…firstly ‘Kidnap’ and ‘Wife beating’ are unknown [unreported!!?] phenomena in the Bahamas and when I unfold the full story – the 1st policeman can’t believe it for one minute stating that his “superior will have to take charge”….I have to tell the whole story all over again to Sgt B…he can’t believe it either and asks why I hadn’t reported the situation sooner…he too has to pass the serious crime to a top officer at Nassau police HQ. Police Captain C is given the story – chapter and verse with a finale that “this is a serious situation, she may have been killed”…..A night and a day pass….A full sweep and a wide search have produce results….the boat and B have been seen in Marsh Harbour (but not Y) and so the police – in full force [of one!!!! sic] commandeer a local fisherman to take the officer to talk to B……
By various routes, telephone calls and meetings and despite all our attempts to warn Y of B’s tendency to be a ‘wife beater’ for ever – it turns out that the ‘beaten’ have rejoined the ‘beater’…. and nothing is heard of either of them or the boat again – they simply vanished…….

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