The 153 carat true story……….

Well how else do you think anyone could live in the Caribbean for 5 years?
Living within and sailing the Caribbean islands, socializing around the many bars and generally having the time of your life, there were many occasions when during idle chatting to holidaymakers and part-time sailors when I was asked an almost constant question – ‘just how do you manage to do this without working?’ well, I’ll tell you a true story…………
Some like Frank and Sylivia make a bundle by developing an internet site and selling it for mega-bucks, some get lucky inheriting property, some save all their lives, some just ‘sell up’ and spend their retirement……
One fabulous evening in the glow of a sunset to die for, I was sat in the cockpit of Catherine’s yacht [Gentle Rain II] along with her ‘paying guest’ crewman Roger. G&T’s and the convivial surroundings brought about this annoying – almost ‘begrudged question’ – and on this evening I was prepared to spill the beans……..
I once used to install burglar alarms and owned a fairly big company. One day I got a call from a beautiful lady who wanted me to meet her so she could discuss and arrange a special installation to protect her priceless diamonds and furs…..turned out she was having problems with her cheating husband and wanted to leave him spectacularly broke. Being the security surveyor, my modus operandi was to not only keep burglars out – but to design a formidable system that would reflect my gained knowledge and keep me out!! – Only on this occasion there was a good reason for me to build-in a secret passback, as she wanted me to break in, disable the alarm and clean out all the jewellery, furs – but more importantly – steal HIS huge stash of hidden cash [which he didn’t know she knew about!!! – well she couldn’t just rob him!!!]
Cutting a complex bizarre story short….. comes the planned night, they set the alarm system and go out for the evening, I’m tipped off by herself, I get in, turn off the alarm and have the whole evening to get the booty and get away but I purposely set-off the system afterwards to look like a proper burglary (don’t ask!!!). Being the honest guy I am, I meet her as planned, hand over all the proceeds, the diamonds, furs, and an attaché case full of [undeclared?] cash…….but what did I get out of all this you ask? “Well” I say with a whisper….”the very grateful pending divorcee thanked me by giving me two of these” …(holding up a pear shaped 153 carat flawless blue/white diamond)…… “so I sell one and keep this in case I need a top up”
My attentive forklift truck driving crew member – who has saved all his life to be able to spend just a couple of months learning how to sail – is speechless!!! gawking wide-eyed at this huge flashing diamond I am holding between my fingers, he is stunned at my audacity, my confession, the absolute gall of my good fortune, he envisages the gorgeous wife, the ripped-off husband and the ‘Raffles’ of Manchester sat in front of him now pouring him a cold beer……….
”Oh well, on that note I’m off.” I say – exchanging a knowing wink with Captain Catherine.

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