Where were you on Millennium morning?

Where were you on Millennium Morning?

I have to say I was in paradise….Green Turtle Cay, Abaco, Bahamas – by accident really. The biggest hurricane to hit the Bahamas since 1932 had past in September 1999 and I was still there picking up others pieces and helping out. Late December most of the place had been put back together and the Green Turtle Club and Bluff House were both planning the party of the century……
Walking down the Atlantic beach, I came across a few strangely dressed people? Two or three had tuxedos, white shirts and bow ties, one had a guitar and I thought they were playing music on the beach? Turns out they were part of ‘The Sin City Band’ playing the New Years eve party. We chatted for a while, during which I was asked “do you live here?”…”well I don’t exactly live here but I do live on my boat in the bay here” I said… “FANTASTIC” was the response…I was asked if I was going to the GTC dance and I said that I would be going to both dances as I had a dink to cross the waters (about 500 yards but a long walk around the bay).
New Years eve started very early, the size of the drinks in the bar of Bluff house – from Verne – were unbelievable so after a few of those the evening slipped into full swing. I could see and hear the Sin City Band across the water and so I made my excuses to friends and started to leave….”can you give three of us a lift? – we’ll buy the drinks when you get there!!” (well that always does it for me!), “OK, get in my dink and we’ll head over”…this to-ing and fro-ing happened all night, the best party was at the GTC, the band were brilliant. One last trip back was suggested by 4 drunks and when in the boat, in the dark, me stood up! (as usual) – I was asked how I could see where I was and where I was going? I said that I couldn’t but the dink had been over so many times it knew the way!!!!!!.
The morning of January 1st, 2000 came at about 4.am – I awoke to the sound of my engine running? (at anchor we charge batteries), all the deck lights, mast, navigation and anchor lights lights were shining away……I think I must have been ‘over-served’ for I was told I came back late, tied the dink, started the engine, turned the lights on and that was the last anyone saw of me…………………….
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