Celestine intervention

Celestine intervention……..a true story
Around August 1999, Biscayne Bay, Miami
Having had no success in Key West at finding a gal to crew with me, I anchored in the Dinner Quay area of Miami. I had heard that the Coconut Grove Sailing Club could yield someone and I intended to ask around. Now this sailing club is expensive, so suggesting that I was only there for a very short time on my quest, I was invited to frequent the members bar as a signed-in visitor. The weeks past…After ‘hitting’ on every girl almost every day with no success, I was eventually introduced to Hilda [Cadena], a lovely girl from a Cuban family…being blunt (as you know I am!!) I asked if she would come to the Bahamas with me – for about 6 weeks or so…”absolutely NOT!!” she said, “I don’t know you and besides I don’t have the time”. Naturally, I was disappointed at this almost last opportunity, but we had a few nice days sailing at the weekend….Suddenly one evening, she rushed into the bar and said “Mike, I’ve changed my mind, I will come with you after all” – I was very surprised by this sudden change of heart and asked her what had changed her mind? “I have been reading this book for some time” she said…”it’s all about destiny and coincidences, so I do think YOU coming here and your quest are somehow connected…you can read it if you like and tell me what you think”, and so I did…..
Back in Merry Old Blighty. Life goes on …..Jules and I had not spoken for a while and it was time to make contact whilst land and ‘phones were still available. Totally out of the blue, my biking friend Pete [a wacky guy to say the least – but that’s another story!!] had made a point of calling on Jules on that very evening I was calling…..[neither of us had seen Pete for a long time but he often just ‘popped in’]
” Hi Babe, how are things”?…and with my usual interruptive enthusiasm, I started to tell her of my travels….”Pete’s here” she says….but I had already started to tell her that I was reading this fantastic and weird book that Hilda had given me….[now Jules knows I do not read books and this one has to be significant]….”don’t say another word” – Jules interrupts…”Pete says he has brought me a book for you to read”….[silence at both ends]…”what’s it called?” I asked….and then suddenly as though compelled to speak in sync’ we both said “THE CELESTINE PROPHECIES”…….
As most people know – the book is about guiding coincidences, divine intervention, chance and choices, the journey through life being already mapped out.
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Extracts from ‘An Angel on my Shoulder’ by Mike Kelly

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