#QAnon, The Twittersphere and the Conspiratorium

I’m sure you are getting to know me by now, so I hope you’ll forgive me for letting you into some REAL secrets.  A friend once asked me in inquisitive bemusement “Just where do you get all these weird ideas from”?  (I was subtly trying to find out what she thought of  the official story [sic] of ‘9/11’ and the assassination of JFK)….Well I wish to tell you where I have researched for 5 years……

My first Twitter handle was obviously @dazeoff, but due to my stong political beliefs and ONLY ever wishing to tell the TRUTH, the feed has been banned – but I’m in great company. I learnt a great deal from Twitter and gained about 400 loyal followers, but because of my stance in Muslim Immigration and the very dangerous rise of ‘Political Islam’ I was bound to pick up trolls who eventually closed my feed down [Just at the time of the #Tommy Robinson jailing].

I’m back on Twitter, but less controversial under the handle @2BeeAware with 600 followers, 3,440 tweets

I stopped believing the #BBC News years ago, preferring instead Al Jazeera, RT.com [Russia Today] and basically anyone talking sense on Twitter and YouTube.  These are some of my sources of info’ – one fanciful** but mostly fairly accurate with the truth and inline with my own beliefs….

  • @LionelMedia on Twitter, lionelmedia.com on the ‘net and “LionelMedia” on FaceBook.  This man is a genius, millions follow him, he has a regular live show and a posting most days.
  • Bright Insight [466,130 subscribe to his channel on YouTube with over 39 million views] This man offers one of the best reasons NOT to believe in the ‘9/11 and JFK official Gov’ narrative. linked here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dj6IsJ_oUeI&t=11s
  • Paul Joseph Watson : WestMonster : The Jimmy Dore Show : Roger Stone : David Knight (But NOT Alex Jones**)
  • Being a UFO/Alien believer – The Secure Team   https://www.youtube.com/user/secureteam10   
  • And because I’m an electrician and take stuff apart -> bigclive.com
  • Lastly but most certainly not least, the fabulously outspoken Pat Condell

I do hope you will get the chance to listen to ‘JFK to 9/11 everything is a Rich Man’s Trick‘ the full 3hrs and 27 mins. LEARN who owns the world (really).

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