Obesity? It’s mathematics….so I’m told

This basically an update of what I’ve blogged already………

I’m getting fatter!!! Not just because I like Cake, Chocolate, Ribs [especially Sue’s], Pies, Steaks, English Chips [fries to you] and I adore wine– a lot 🙁 – I’m also bone-idle; I don’t walk, bicycle and I certainly don’t run. So now that I’m old and fat [no!! Obese!!] my shorts and favourite silk shirts just don’t fit me – and I’m always tired.

Seemingly there are TWO factors…… it’s not always about what you eat, it now seems to be when you eat it and if it’s late – but also if you drink alcohol with it.

Here’s a little test………. take a piece of string, the length exactly the same as your height. Fold it exactly in half . Wrap it around your waste, level with you belly button. If it does not meet, you are in trouble – serious trouble.

First the ‘When’….I’ve said “I adore wine” but I also eat late..….. Current research suggests that even if you eat well and watch your calories, if you eat too late for the body to consume the calories, the carb’s and the protein – it will make you fat. However – if you simply ate exactly the same meal earlier, you would be slimmer.

Secondly, and importantly – the Maths of alcohol. Our bodies apparently cannot do anything useful with alcohol. It can’t store it, wee it away and we have no organs that like it’s poison !!!! – all it can do is BURN it.  Now we come to the maths…. this is a crude simple explanation.

Say you and I need 2000 calories per day to function, to stay static in whatever weight band we are. Say for example our daily diet is balanced with 666 calories each of Protein, Carb’s and Fat [oil, meat, butter et al]. Say also we have wine, or a G&T, Rum [Ooooooo yes] This is what happens…….

Generally, Protein is consumed first, then Carbs then lastly (because it takes much longer) – FAT. If we ate all that – spread out wisely (not eating far too late in the day, and we were still awake, moving about, and clearing up after dinner, then without alcohol – life eating 2000 calories would be a reasonable balanced.

When we eat LATE, the body isn’t having enough movement time to consume it. However if we have alcohol on top!!!!!!!! Ooooo eeeeee – FIRST all the alcohol has to be burnt, then the protein, then the carbs and then the FAT, then….we sleep on it and we hardly burn anything off – leaving FAT.

You don’t have to be the mathematician…. an average bottle of wine is (say) 650 calories…so if you ‘chillax’ with booze, now you’ve had 2,650 calories in the day, the late evening meal may have been 1000 calories!!! The balance would have been bad just eating late, but now you have 333 calories of protein, 334 of Carb’s and 333 of FAT because your body is running FIRST on 650 calories of booze [crudely…….]

Correct me if you think I’m wrong (never could spell and count)

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