America illegally ‘occupies’ Cuba’s Guantánamo Bay & Sovereign Cuban land

You may be wondering WHY? I spend so much time and give money defending Cuba and its People against a relic of American Colonial bullying.  Well in this article, I offer a FactSheet provided by the ‘Cuba Solidarity Campaign’ (of which I am a paid up supporter and member).

You may also question why – when every Country [191 of 193] voting in a UN resolution – voted against America for continuing a 50+ year old blockade.

Only America – the land of the free [sic] – could wave its own false flag over a sovereign territory it seized for its own gain – “for the sake of humanity”. The FACTS are appalling and only go to highlight the bullying tactics for the sake of perpetuating WAR all over the planet…..America’s economy depends on it, without WAR the national product would be decimated.

This is a link to the UN voting story -> UN General Assembly again calls for lifting US embargo against Cuba

This is a link to the incredibly most interesting and enlightening  CSC FactSheet

Cuba is a most wonderful (almost) unspoilt paradise, where the population are healthy, very intelligent, very resourceful – but totally deprived by a ridiculous US Blockade (mistakenly called an embargo) – its an illegal blockade. But more than that, America actually illegally ‘occupies’ Guantánamo Bay and short of another WAR America don’t wish to give it up. This is simply not right. 

America has nothing to be proud of when it comes to – fat arsed stupid people eating themselves into an early grave. Give-in to allow an inch and they (America) take 46 square miles!!!!! What a con’ trick, what an abysmal excuse.  Thank God (if she exists?) America stops companies like Subway and McDonalds opening up on the ret of the island – for the ONLY place they do exist is GTMO…… can you imagine the wholesale wrecking of this Caribbean paradise if the Cuban’s themselves fall for the sales pitch.

Please support Cuba and the campaign to end the US blockade by joining CSC today.  


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