The Electrification project of an Immortal Gem

A hidden Gem hiding away

I have discovered a “Barn Find” (in the words of the American ‘Pickers’) a beautiful 1933 Austin 7 RP body – which is the most desirable. This seems to have been

hidden away since the 1950’s, driven or used very seldom, and even then only to move it to another shed or barn.

Its overall condition after 85 years is totally remarkable to say the least, OK it’s tatty, but leather seats decay, rust sometimes takes a hold but after 85 winters and (perhaps) hot summers, this little gem is a very rare find indeed.

Unbelievably, after a short mess about with a better battery, the ‘RP’ and a crank of the starting handle, she bursts into life……. the sucking of the air into its dusty carb’ can be heard like a new gasp of fresh air and then a lovely grumble of power from the 750cc engine.

Two new friends who may wish to stay out of my blog?


The insides have seen better days, but they will have to be repaired with care to preserve their character.

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