True Stories and some to come………

Giving up everything to live in Pradise
Horror Stories (but True)
Enough to make your bum cringe
Suddenly you discover Florida treat boats differently
‘Indian Town’ and I don’t mean Longsight
What is a ‘Tropical Storm’
Sand Dollars & Sand Dollar beach
15 Gallons of Rum kills your brain cells
Dave Dude and another Nigger on the Fire [Exumas]
The best ‘Hit’ on me ever [Cuba]
Bungalow Restaurant [Cuba]
This Brit doesn’t bribe [Cuba]
Young Guns and their AK47’s [Cuba]
Cuban Cigars
Do you have any coconuts? [Key West Gestapo]
The Conch Inn and Republic Bar [Key West]
Bill, Drunk in charge of a dinghy [Key West]
Extremely near misses with sharks
Stranded Naked
More about Bahia de Nerinjo
More about hats
What a drag (what is dragging? – don’t ask!!)
Anchors and why you should have a windless
Wind/Solar Power, rain, Rum and sun……
Johnny from ‘’
SomeRmagic – Where’s Frank now??
What? another bloody hurricane!!!!!
The Bars………
$4million to add a back end to your boat!!!!
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