Sailing in Paradise with Harry Potter

Being isolated from reality, seperated from the pressures of work and living in the UK – on your own sail-boat in paradise – cuts you off from many books. I had neard of the new story for children – Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone on the BBC World Service and had requested that next time anyone came out to visit they should bring the book with them – in fact I said “bring two”…….  Little did I know that SV ‘Moonshadow’ was anchored in the bay near Green Turtle, Abaco, Bahamas.  I had announced on the ‘Cruisers Net’ that I had the new Harry Potter book arriving soon and if anyone wanted a copy I also had a spare…..within a nano-second almost cutting me up!!!! talking over me and literally shouting “me, me, me, yes please, please Daze Off please……..” such exuberant excitement turned out to be two young girls on ‘Moonshadow’ desperately wanting to be the first of their chums to read this very first edition. Never I have a ever read such a fantasticly easy book to read – not only reading but readiug out loud to a thrilled audience. Every sundown we would all sit around the cockpit and enjoy the magic unfolding.

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