Booze makes you fat because – it’s just maths

Dr Michael Mosley, suggested that the body can’t process ALCOHOL – it can’t store it, it simply has to burn it off as energy. According to Michael – in the order of burning calories – Alcohol is FIRST to be used up, then protein, then carbohydrates and lastly FAT [note : “lastly” i.e. it’s the last in the order of being burnt and the hardest to burn.

IT’s MATHS : Say for example I normally burn up 2000 calories per day (every day) work, rest & play. In my case – without booze I probably consume by eating about 2000 cal’s (cos I’m a pig). But added to that lot is a bottle of red wine per day which has  about 650 calories.  Did you get the maths??

For simplicity, say I eat 660 cal’s of protein, 750 of carb’s and 590 of FAT.  Without the alcohol that’s  2000 cal’s – I BURN 2000 – so I hardly put any extra weight on at all.

If I add (like I do) 650 cal’s of  Merlot per day, that’s 2650/day……. Burning off only 2000 (then sleeping) – in the order of burning – that leaves 650 cal’s of both Carb’s and unburnt FAT.  That’s simple maths.

I really shouldn’t be drinking 3500 cal’s of booze [ i.e. 63 units per week] As a man I’m only supposed to drink 3-4 per day [21-28 per week].  Also, it is recommended that ‘drinkers’ should rest their liver every other day – but that’s not how LIFE is…..

Take the #5:2 fasting regime, TWO days (Mon. & Thurs) I only eat 600 cal’s (1200 in that one week) so on the  ‘5:2’ that saves 2800 cal’s/week.  If I was strict and NOT drink during the working week (only at weekend), then just drinking Fri. Sat. & Sun is only 1500 cal’s [27 units] That’s less calories and a reasonable amount of ‘units’ per week – SORTED

So….. I’d say that was a reasonable balance – Proving the ‘5:2’ fasting diet is a healthy regime where you can lose weight and drink healthily – and proving booze actually makes you fat

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